Hello Internet
This show is the one that first got me into podcasts. Educational YouTubers Dr. Brady Haran and C.G.P Grey talk about quite literally anything including: vexillology; futurology; technology; plane crashes and; TV show and movie reviews. The podcast has an official flag called the Flaggy Flag It is exceedingly difficult to describe the podcast as episodes are released, but rest-assured they are all amusing and interesting. My favorite part about this podcast is that I usually end up smiling as an idiot when I walk around listening to it, thanks to the many in-jokes (there are several in this review), banter and general tomfoolery. First listen: Ep 66 – “A Classic Episode”

I don’t make it through all episodes from RadioLab, as I find the quality of their episodes are very contingent on the topic at hand. That said, there are several extremely interesting podcasts that still come up in conversation more than a year after I have listened to them. In terms of keeping updated on the world in the large scale liberal arts and sciences sense, there is no better podcast.

RadioLab: More Perfect
Supreme Court cases! What could possibly be more interesting? As a non U.S. citizen, this podcast has been pivotal for my understanding for America before coming here myself. This podcast features many of the most interesting events and stories surrounding the Supreme Court. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite podcasts.

Co-hosted by C.G.P. Grey of Hello Internet and Myke Hurley, founder of the podcast network relay.fm, this podcast also makes my top five list. Myke and Grey are both connoisseurs of workflows and efficiency, the main topic for most episodes. Among other things, I have completely reworked how I use my phone and other connected devices to reduce stress and increase work efficiency. Although the topic might sound dry, Myke and Grey have an excellent dynamic which keeps the show very amusing.

Up First
Ten to fifteen minutes every day to keep updated on American and world-wide news. It is an excellent idea executed terrifically, but since I do not actually manage to listen to it each morning, it does not make the top five cut.

Planet Money
Money does indeed make the world go around, and Planet Money knows that like no other show. Very similar to More Perfect, although more bite-sized. The show does an excellent job of explaining finance and basic economic concepts through a medium of story telling.