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Note: if you lose instantly when you start playing it’s because you aren’t holding the phone perfectly straight. When you tilt the phone it pushes your ball to the direction in which you’re tilting.

What is Boller?

Boller is a simple game where you tilt your phone to steer a ball to keep it from hitting the borders of the screen by jumping on scrolling platforms. Although I have hopes to add more diverse gameplay in the future I can assure you that the game is already intriguingly frustrating, rewarding and addictive.

Get the app here!

How I made it

The project started out about a year ago but due to issues with the App Store and college applications it was never released. A few months later I reformatted the hard drive in my computer, accidentally deleting all of the source code. Finally though, I remade an even better version of the game!

Technically it was built with Swift 4.0 and SpriteKit. I used the MVC design approach, although most of the model is handled by SpriteKit directly. I incorporated a game manager class through which I handled In App Purchases, Game Center integration, ads from AdMob and presenting different views (i.e different “screens” in the app”).

On ads

Originally I did not want to have advertisements in my app because of ethical concerns, however I decided to add them anyway for a few reasons.

Firstly, in order to release an app on the App Store one has to buy a $100 certificate that enables having apps on the store for a year. In a perfect world I’d get exactly $100 from revenue so that I at least didn’t lose any money in this endeavor.

Secondly, I want to be realistic as to why I am making apps at all. First and foremost Boller is definitely a fun and educational project and although I have become a rather proficient Swift and SpriteKit developer through making the app, I am not going to stop there. In trying to learn about development I also need to understand the monetization and business side – something that I am definitely doing by introducing advertisements to the app.

For those of you who cannot stand ads, there is also an option to buy out of them forever, and it would cost you only $1. It is also a chance to support the developer and his ridiculous student debt <3.



  1. When’s the Android version coming out? ?

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