What is Boller?

Boller is a fun but simple game where you try to survive as long as possible by jumping on scrolling platforms, just make sure not to hit the screen’s borders. You can play for free however long you want and compare your high-scores with friends on Game Center.

How it was made

The project started out about a year ago but due to issues with the App Store and college applications it was never released. A few months later I reformatted the hard drive in my computer, accidentally deleting all of the source code. Finally though, I remade an even better version of the game!

Technically it was built with Swift 4.0 and SpriteKit. I used the MVC design approach, although most of the model is handled by SpriteKit directly. I incorporated a game manager class through which I handled In App Purchases, Game Center integration, ads from AdMob and presenting different views (i.e different “screens” in the app”).