These first few days have been really intense so I just got up a few hours earlier today in order to write a short post to you all about what has happened so far.

Before arriving on campus I meet a pair of very generous relatives in NYC, with whom I stayed overnight at their house in Stamford.

Right by Princeton Club where I went to meet a very kind relative with whom I stayed overnight before Check-In started.

I arrived together with all the other internationals for International Orientation on the 30th of August. It felt amazing to finally arrive on the campus that I had wondered and dreamed about for so long. The first three days were filled with activities to makes us internationals feel at home. Davis International Center did a great job with it and I feel much more prepared in regards to topics such as culture shock. Among other things we had great fun navigating the campus on a scavenger hunt which we almost won. Unfortunately I missed the backside of the scavenger hunt paper we were given, which had us missing out on quite a few points. After IO ended the Americans of the class of 2021 arrived on campus.

The small courtyard behind our dorm.

The small courtyard behind our dorm.

That is when I got the chance to meet my roommates that I will now live with in quad #115 in Hamilton Hall, Mathey College. The suite of three rooms is more than big enough for the four of us and my roommates Diego, Bryce and Andre are super interesting persons from all around the states. As soon as everyone arrived we were introduced to our Residential College Advisor and our “zee-group” (as in advisee-group). Every zee has turned out to be great to talk to, with all of them coming from different runs of life and areas in the US and elsewhere. It has become apparent to me that no group at the University is made by accident. The various offices seem to excel at making every member of the groups different enough so that we might have things to talk about, but also very similar where it counts. Just as we were getting situated on campus though we were ripped out of our comfort zones into the Shenandoah National Park for a five day and four night hike.

The frosh trip was a great experience. We were encouraged not to bring phones or watches on the trip and since no one felt the need to, we had a week without ever knowing what time it was or what was going on in the world. It made for the perfect medium to make friends with our group without being distracted by anything else. As I mentioned we hiked for five days (several hours of bus riding to and fro the national park included). Two of the days were filled with copious amounts of rain but somehow that was not enough to dampen our spirits. The one thing which made the trip so spectacular to me was again, all the people. They were all always so incredibly helpful, interesting and interested. We all talked for hours on end about our different interests and planned majors. For example, one of our leaders got me interested in ISC, a very rigorous alternative to taking many of the required introductory science courses. On the other hand we also have more stupid inside jokes than I can count on two hands, and it has calmed me to find out that despite their unforgivable intelligence the princetonians are no more than human, just like me. We really came together as a group and I am certainly considering being a leader in future frosh trips.

I’m sorry about this post being so brief and in-cohesive but I assure you things will get better once everything settles down.