Today, there are just seven days left till I leave for The States. I said at the start of the summer that I’d rather go into hibernation and wake up on my flight to Princeton, than impatiently wait the whole summer. As I’m sure you understand, I can barely contain myself now that there’s only a week left. The last few weeks have been moderately uninteresting. I’ve spent my time getting my Visa, receiving around twenty thousand different vaccines and fighting with the National Board of Student Aid (CSN). I figured this first proper blog post of my life should be a bit more interesting than that though, which is why I’ve decided to write about my goals for the coming four years instead.

Warren Buffett is said to have recommended an interesting approach for achieving goals, and I’ve given it a try. The Oracle of Omaha explains that you should write down twenty-five goals for the coming years and then kill twenty of these darlings, leaving only five. His thinking is that the remaining five are the true objectives, and that the others will only distract the goal-setter from their proper ambitions. I will attempt to only give attention to my primary goals.

I’ll be keeping the twenty distractions to myself, but please allow me to present my five goals for the coming four years.

  • Graduate with honors
  • Make life-long friends and contacts
  • Get interesting internships
  • Write for this website
  • Exercise (sail and run)

Internships, good grades and contacts are pretty self-explanatory. I don’t think there are many of my peers in the class of ‘21 that I don’t share these goals with. The other two are a bit less orthodox and I figure they deserve a proper explanation.

The first three goals are all very dependent on the quality of my work during the coming years. The quality will be dependent on my creativity, time management skills and stress handling. This is where the last two priorities come in to play. Writing has always helped me collect my thoughts and force me to really think through my life. For example this post has helped me set very clear goals for the following years, something I never would have done otherwise. I also obviously get better at writing and improve my workflow and creativity.

Running and sailing contribute to my creativity, time management skills and ability to handle stress. While doing something completely different from work and school I’ve always had my best ideas and I always manage to see my heavy workload from a different angle which usually helps me realize it isn’t nearly as heavy as I initially thought. Of course, overall health and happiness is also improved by exercising, and that certainly doesn’t hurt.

That’s it for my goal-setting, you’ll hear from me again sometime in the next three weeks. When I arrive in New York I will spend the night with some very kind relatives in Stamford and the morning after I’ll (hopefully manage to) get to Princeton by train. The first few weeks are filled with activities so I don’t know how much time I will have for writing. I guess we’ll see!