Becoming an infosec specialist


Currently looking for summer 2020 internship opportunities in the Unites States, Sweden, Ireland and the Middle East.


Fascinated with codes and ciphers since childhood, I was infatuated with information security long before I knew what to call it. Equipped with a theoretical computer science education from Princeton University and practical know-how from internships and CTF challenges, today I am on the path to becoming a highly skilled information security professional.

Sometimes, I write technical blog posts.







Princeton University

Under the likes of Professors Brian Kernighan in FRS127: Internet Privacy and Security and Arvind Narayanan in COS432: Information Security, I have grown considerably at Princeton. Pursuing a BA in Computer Science, I have a firm understanding of concepts such as analysis, algorithms and data structures as well as low-level systems engineering. Beyond that, Princeton has also equipped me with skills like technical writing and managing independent projects. Additionally, I have taken the opportunity to learn Arabic during my undergraduate years.


2019 (study abroad)

University of Edinburgh

During my two-semester study abroad I was able to pursue courses not available in the Princeton curriculum such as a graduate seminar on the Internet of Things with a focus on security, systems and the cloud. At Edinburgh, I also furthered my theoretical understanding of wired and wireless networking as well as discrete mathematics.



ProCivitas High School

Already interested in Computer Science in high school, I was the driving force behind adding the course Computer Programming 1 to the natural sciences curriculum and serving as a TA in the same course. For this, and for my involvement in student government, I graduated with Honors for Best Service for the School. During my high school years I also had my first experiences with entrepreneurship, creating short event films and commercials for several clients in the city along with two friends.





Summer 2019

Security Engineer Intern @ Security Innovation

Seattle, WA

Discovered five critical and high-risk vulnerabilities on two client penetration testing engagements focused on web application and IoT security. Developed working exploits, authored resulting problem reports. Conducted independent research project on non-destructive physical security testings, delivered company-wide research presentation.


Summer 2018

Full Stack Web Dev @ Summer Programming Experience

Princeton, NJ

Developed a web application to connect students looking for study partners. Users can create small study groups in their classes with meeting times when everyone is available. Built with Django back-end and React front-end utilizing REST-ful API middle-ware layer.





HackPrinceton 2018

Awarded Best use of Crypto Technology, my team and I developed an authentication alternative to demonstrate the password-free Web 3.0 future of authentication. Devpost. GitHub.



HackPrinceton 2017

Awarded Best First-Time Hack for decentralized voting platform DeVote. The project demonstrated the idea of distributing ownership of a direct election to increase transparency and reducing corruption. Devpost. GitHub.



Self-published Ios Game, 2017

Built iOS game where players try to bounce a ball on scrolling platforms for as long as possible by tilting their phone. Developed UI and game mechanics using SpriteKit. Physics simulated with SKPhysicsBody. Integrated advertisements, GameCenter and In-App Purchases. Previously available on the App Store.



languages, tools, frameworks and concepts

C, Java, Python, JavaScript, Bash, SQL

Metasploit, Burp Suite Professional, nmap/masscan, Wireshark, MobSF

STRIDE, Technical Report Writing

language proficiency

Swedish - Native Proficiency

English - Bilingual Proficiency

Arabic (MSA) - Limited Working Proficiency

French - Elementary Proficiency