Becoming an infosec specialist


Currently looking for summer 2020 internship opportunities in the Unites States, Sweden, Ireland and the Middle East.


Fascinated with codes and ciphers since childhood, I was infatuated with information security long before I knew what to call it. Equipped with a theoretical computer science education from Princeton University and practical know-how from internships and CTF challenges, today I am on the path to becoming a highly skilled information security professional.


Sometimes, I write technical blog posts.







Princeton University

Under the likes of Professors Brian Kernighan in FRS127: Internet Privacy and Security and Arvind Narayanan in COS432: Information Security, I have grown considerably at Princeton. Pursuing a BA in Computer Science, I have a firm understanding of concepts such as analysis, algorithms and data structures as well as low-level systems engineering. Beyond that, Princeton has also equipped me with skills like technical writing and managing independent projects. Additionally, I have taken the opportunity to learn Arabic during my undergraduate years.


2019 (study abroad)

University of Edinburgh

During my two-semester study abroad I was able to pursue courses not available in the Princeton curriculum such as a graduate seminar on the Internet of Things with a focus on security, systems and the cloud. At Edinburgh, I also furthered my theoretical understanding of wired and wireless networking as well as discrete mathematics.



ProCivitas High School

Already interested in Computer Science in high school, I was the driving force behind adding the course Computer Programming 1 to the natural sciences curriculum and serving as a TA in the same course. For this, and for my involvement in student government, I graduated with Honors for Best Service for the School. During my high school years I also had my first experiences with entrepreneurship, creating short event films and commercials for several clients in the city along with two friends.





Summer 2019

Security Engineer Intern @ Security Innovation

Seattle, WA

Working on penetration testing projects from start to finish with team of other interns and senior security engineers. Performing reconnaissance and enumeration, finding and exploiting vulnerabilities, and authoring the resulting reports.


Summer 2018

Full Stack Web Dev @ Summer Programming Experience

Princeton, NJ

Developed a web application to connect students looking for study partners. Users can create small study groups in their classes with meeting times when everyone is available. Built with Django back-end and React front-end utilizing REST-ful API middle-ware layer.





HackPrinceton 2018

Awarded Best use of Crypto Technology, my team and I developed an authentication alternative to demonstrate the password-free Web 3.0 future of authentication. Devpost. GitHub.



HackPrinceton 2017

Awarded Best First-Time Hack for decentralized voting platform DeVote. The project demonstrated the idea of distributing ownership of a direct election to increase transparency and reducing corruption. Devpost. GitHub.



Self-published Ios Game, 2017

Built iOS game where players try to bounce a ball on scrolling platforms for as long as possible by tilting their phone. Developed UI and game mechanics using SpriteKit. Physics simulated with SKPhysicsBody. Integrated advertisements, GameCenter and In-App Purchases. Previously available on the App Store.




languages, tools, frameworks and concepts

C, Java, Python, JavaScript, Bash, SQL

Metasploit, Burp Suite Professional, nmap/masscan, Wireshark, MobSF

STRIDE, Technical Report Writing

language proficiency

Swedish - Native Proficiency

English - Bilingual Proficiency

Arabic (MSA) - Limited Working Proficiency

French - Elementary Proficiency