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#7 – Semi-semesterly evaluation

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Below are the five goals I set up for myself seven days before coming to the US for the first time. However, as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry there is no point in goals lest there is a plan to go along with them. As such, I have instated a plan. I will be doing semi-semesterly evaluations to see how well I am doing. These will be based around each of the goals by themselves and hopefully I will find ways to improve every time.

Graduate with honors
Something I have found out since starting here is that honors are only rewarded based on the grades received in the core courses of the department in which you graduate. What this means is that right now my grades are not directly affecting my prospect. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the grades I have received so far – still, I aim to improve.

Make life-long friends and contacts
The people here, as I am sure I have stated on the blog before, are nothing short of awe-inspiring. No one student is the other quite alike and from each and every one of them I have been able to learn a lot, a lot of the time without even realizing it. Indeed, one must keep in mind the high standard of individuals at Princeton, otherwise one might find oneself smitten by every other person one meets. Through my work as class officer I am also granted many opportunities to speak with interesting people, most notably from my most amazing class of 2021, but also with our parent and grandparent classes of ’71 and ’96 respectively.

Get interesting internships
During fall break I had some time to apply to a few different internships. For freshmen however, it is usually rather hard to get really interesting internships so I have also considered taking the opportunity to spend time in France to finally learn the language properly and perhaps also develop some apps to build a portfolio. No matter I have definitely started making good work on it. For example, my resume has been revamped trice already with the help of Career Services on campus.

Write for this website
You are reading this, so it must be going well. The metrics of the site speak to the same thing as my unique visitors count has nearly doubled from last year. There is not much more to write about it other than that I hope the quality will be greatly improved after I take Writing Seminar next semester. Right now, I should really become better at adding nice – and preferably relevant – photos to my posts.

Vain attempt at relevant photo

Vain attempt at relevant photo (actually the open windows are those of our quad-sized dorm)

The auxiliary time spent sailing I have decided is too much; running however has become more important than ever. Like I mentioned in my last post my running is usefully in a multitude of different ways including, stress-reduction, mindfulness and keeping myself sharp. For example, I proudly set a PR in 10k yesterday evening, running it in 52 minutes.

Mentioning the last post, I wanted to share with you my key-takeaways from the Fall Break Challenge. Firstly, caffeine had more of an effect on me than I thought and I will limit my intake notably in the future to reduce anxiety and stress. Secondly, I am awful with sugar and I desperately need to keep working on limiting my cravings for it; I suppose it mostly has to do with raw will-power but that will not stop me from doing some research into it anyway. Finally, running with audiobooks is great and I regret not trying it sooner.

Also, I am working on a little side-project that I hope to release within the month, hang tight!

#6: The Fall Break Challenge

Right at this moment I should not be writing this post but instead the 800-word essay I need to hand in tonight for my freshmen seminar. Professor Kernighan, if you’re reading this; I am sorry. On a gladder note however the aforementioned essay (which I, by the way, am having a lot of fun writing) concludes my mid-term week. Considering it is my first time writing tests in English at Princeton I feel quite alright about my results, although I definitely aim to improve. I realize it is important for me to quickly get used to the tests here, as they are completely incomparable with the tests I have done so far in my academic career.

That is something I will consider more after one of the most important weeks of the year: the well-deserved much-needed post-midterm fall break. Most people waste no time, leaving campus to go home as soon as they can, and as a result of this there is a very high risk of my being supremely bored during this week. Of course, that is something I simply cannot have that and as such I have conceived The Sten Sjöberg Fall Break Challenge to keep me occupied.

The Challenge consists of five different sub-challenges based primarily in physical and mental health. Indeed, the reason I write that the fall break is one of the most important weeks of the year is not only to be funny (although let’s be honest I totally am) but also because it is an opportunity for us students to slow down and let the soul catch up. Here are the five sub-challenges:

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Sten Sjöberg for Class Officer

Having finally settled down at Princeton it is time for me to start making things happen. In the spirit of this sentiment I am delighted to announce my candidacy for Class Officer of the Class of 2021. I want to be one of the five students representing, caring for, and enabling the great Class of 2021. Not only this year but for many years to come.

In my class representation philosophy there are two dominating topics: community and fun. The two concepts might seem trivial but I have always believed that God is in the details. Indeed, we do not always need magnificent innovation to make something better than it already is; sometimes all we need is a stickler for detail, and that stickler could be yours truly.

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#3: Getting Oriented

These first few days have been really intense so I just got up a few hours earlier today in order to write a short post to you all about what has happened so far.

Before arriving on campus I meet a pair of very generous relatives in NYC, with whom I stayed overnight at their house in Stamford.

Right by Princeton Club where I went to meet a very kind relative with whom I stayed overnight before Check-In started.

I arrived together with all the other internationals for International Orientation on the 30th of August. It felt amazing to finally arrive on the campus that I had wondered and dreamed about for so long. The first three days were filled with activities to makes us internationals feel at home. Davis International Center did a great job with it and I feel much more prepared in regards to topics such as culture shock. Among other things we had great fun navigating the campus on a scavenger hunt which we almost won. Unfortunately I missed the backside of the scavenger hunt paper we were given, which had us missing out on quite a few points. After IO ended the Americans of the class of 2021 arrived on campus. Continue reading